Thursday, January 12, 2006


One Diestel turkey: $25
Three pounds of cranberries: $5.50
Two bunches of celery: $1.20
Three large onions: $0.75
Two pounds of swiss chard: $6
Two pounds of butter: $5

Impressing your mother with your first solo Thanksgiving dinner effort and having your family all together in your first "grown-up" apartment:


I know, several holidays have gone by since Thanksgiving, but what can I say, I'm waaay behind. The above concoction is a fennel and beet salad I put together as an appetizer for my Thanksgiving dinner. I tossed some fennel with a citrus vinaigrette a la Thomas Keller, and had my brother place overlapping slices of roasted beet on top. I gave him a cave-aged gorgonzola to crumble on top. Unwittingly, it turned out looking like the MasterCard logo.
As I am too lazy to post other pictures right now (and I have a lab presenation tomorrow, but have yet to start!) I will link you to my brother's blog where he has chronicled our dinner...


Roger said...

Looks great! Roasted beets are definitely a good thing. Right up there with grilled beets. Where's the rest???

starchmouse said...

Grilled beets? Yum. Wait, they start out raw and then you grill them? Or grill post-cooking?
The rest is on my brother's blog. I'm so lazy about getting my pictures on my computer. Plus, most are on his camera. For christmas we made a standing rib roast and baked a buche de noel, but he has all those pictures...

springydog said...

Can I just say . . . WOW! When you described that squash bowl to me I'd imagined what a squash bowl *I* might attempt would look like, which was not half so spectacular. Showed the photos to the Jons who were duly impressed.

fried beef sandwich said...

Hooray! Starchmouse returns!
Looks delicious.