Monday, December 25, 2006

as big as my head!

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The night before my qualifying exam I received a good luck package from my dear friend Odile. When Odile and I were roommates, I often had cravings for a cookie the size of my head. As a good luck gift she sent me this caramel apple the size of my head. Not only is it the largest caramel apple I have ever seen, it is definitely the most delicious I have ever eaten...double-dipped in caramel, drizzled in dark chocolate, then smothered in almonds. I saved it for after my exam (I passed! Now I'm a PhD candidate!) and although it feeds 17, my family of four polished it off pretty well...thank you so much Odile! I can't wait to see you in January!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

if you are one of the three people who read this blog...

wish me luck! And send me happy thoughts tomorrow. Tomorrow at 11am I will undertake one of the more painful experiences in my PhD Qualifying Examination. Three hours of grilling by 5 faculty members about why they should let me get a PhD. Three hours of grilling me on my research methods and my project theory and my knowledge about bioengineering in general. Studying for this thing has been so stressful I haven't felt hungry for the last THREE WEEKS. Yergh.