Thursday, October 26, 2006

beard papa cream puffs are very dangerous...

...and I don't just mean in the I-could-eat-four-in-one-sitting-and-clog-my-arteries way. Each comes dusted with a very fine powdered sugar that when you open your mouth in preparation to take one oozy creamy bite, you inadvertently end up inhaling this very fine sugar, which instead of melting on your tongue, tickles the back of your throat and makes you choke, much to the amusement of passers-by. Last night as I was doing some last minute birthday-shopping (tomorrow the boyfriend enters his late 20s) in the new SF shopping center I took one bite and nearly hacked up a lung. The way to get around this is to flip the cream puff over and eat it upside-down. Eating foods upside-down is mildly uncomfortable to me, having been raised with the notion that things are better when you follow the rules (it's not the right way to eat it!) but if it means I can eat my cream puff and not die, so be it.


Roger said...

Fear of death is what makes food taste good. You are a wimp. But a very likable wimp.

Anonymous said...

i realise this might sound might bizarre, but I nearly choke every time I eat a box of junior mints. I have tried turning the junior mints upside down, bu\t it doesn't seem to help at all.

fried beef sandwich said...

You know what the trick is?

Breathing through your NOSE. =D

By the way, once I asked the Beard Papa folks if I could just get one of their pastries without the custard. I wanted to experience the puff without the cream, and indulge in all manner of buttery goodness.

Then I was told I'd still be charged the same price as their standard vanilla cream puff.

I thought to myself, Lactose intolerance be damned -- and ordered 3 more cream puffs.
Damn those cream puffs are good.