Thursday, February 22, 2007

Please bring Pinkberry to northern california!!!

Two years ago I tasted the most delicious frozen yogurt EVER at a place called Red Mango in Seoul. It was so good that last year when I went back to Korea, I dragged my poor mother around looking for the place so that I could eat it again, but alas, failed. Turns out this Pinkberry place is supposed to be very similar. They have many locations in the LA area and a few in New York. I am making Kevin go on a weekend trip to LA at the end of March (woo hoo, Cesar Chavez holiday!) so that I can eat delicious Pinkberry yogurt. I'm not even kidding. That's how good this stuff is.


Melissa said...

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dc said...

Pinkberry is not bad, well, one flavor anyways. Yogen Fruz in Canada, well that's amaging froyo.