Friday, September 05, 2008

Road trip, part 2

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Up at the ungodly hour of 7:30 (hey! We're on vacation!) we stumbled outside to the gazebo where a pot of coffee was waiting for us. We chatted with a lovely older couple who were making their way south to Monterey. Requisite weather small take ensued (it was very cold outside) and I warned them that San Francisco was just as cold when we left the day before. Seeing the disappointed look on their faces, I quickly assured them that I heard it was supposed to warm up (I completely made that up, and it came true! I also heard I'm going to win the lottery next week...) and felt a little better.

Next on our agenda: a beautiful morning stroll through the Lady Bird Johnson Grove at Redwood National Park. Then a stop to see the elk. Driving up the coast, we stopped at Meyers Creek beach and got whipped around by the wind.

Our morning's hard work left us a little hungry, so consulting our handy little Oregon coast guide magazine, we decided we would be crazy to NOT go to The Crazy Norweigian's Fish and Chips in Port Orford. Given our Dynamo Donuts fiasco, it should have come as no surprise that it was CLOSED. What is going on here?

The rest is a blur. Lunch. Yum. Driving. Woo hoo. And finally, a stop at the sea lion cave. Yay! Here we saw the sign telling us to positively stay on trails and established walkways. No grumpies!

Finally we made it to Woodburn, where a king size bed was waiting for us. Except there was no blanket. So we called and they brought us....the world's largest mattress pad! We spread it out and almost decided it was okay. But then we decided to suck it up and call the front desk yet again and hope for the best.

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