Friday, November 24, 2006

whatever you heard, it's alllll true...

pretzel croissant
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Having grown up in Minnesota and northern California, LA has always seemed like a slightly unreal place to visit. This is by no means an LA-hating post. The only reason I don't think I could live there permanently is because it's so damn flat. But the food....ooh, the food. Childhood visits always included stops at Koreatown for various banchan, and soft tofu stew or buckwheat noodles or rice cake soup. Thanks to my latest hobby of foodblog-reading (I haven't been keeping up lately thanks to a little annoyance called the-qualifying-exam-from-hell) I was able to do a little research about what to scout out on a recent weekend trip. Given the fact that our trip was going to be very short, I decided to pursue just one thing...the pretzel croissant.

Whatever you may have heard about it, it's all true.

You'd think with all that advice I would have bought more than three. :(

So I thought I'd just chime in on the pretzel croissant love: it is so good it makes a San Francisco girl want to move to LA. Well, that, Hurry Curry, and 35 cent cookies. [sheepish grin]