Friday, August 10, 2007

Yo home, smell ya later!

It's really hard not to read it while singing the song along in your head, and bopping your head up and down.

No food stuff for a while, because I got on this reading kick once Harry Potter 7 became available. I promptly finished it that day, then re-read #6 to remember some of the more pertinent details. Now I figure, hell, eff it, I'll just reread the whole thing over again. Except I'm in the middle of this awesome Genghis Khan book and I need to read The Bell Jar for book club.

When the weather was beautiful, I bought an organic basil plant from Trader Joe's, despite Kevin's warnings that I was just going to kill it. Hmf. The fact that it looks peakish now is only due to the winter weather we have had the past week. In contrast, the organic thyme and mojito mint I bought at Long's Drugs (the huuuuuge one in oakland) are doing quite nicely. Ha!

Recently we watched Alton Brown make tomato sauce with ingredients from the pantry. Although it is more labor-intensive than my usual saute-some-garlic-and-onions-then-simmer-with-white-wine-and-canned-tomatoes routine, it was definitely worth making and I'll do it again. Kevin thinks since I took a canning class, we should make a whole bunch and then can it. I think there's something funny about canning something that has already been canned.