Thursday, July 21, 2005

chez nous

Fillmore street is walking distance to where I live. Every time I've walked up there I've passed a place called Chez Nous that looks intriguing - full of people and a menu full of things I'd like to try. Last night I finally ventured in, for dessert. And I have to say I ate one of the top three creme brulees of my life. I've decided I can't decide on the best, because you really can't compare vanilla and rose petal and chocolate.
This one was full of vanilla bean flecks and even had raspberries under the sugar crust. It came with a cookie that reminded me of my childhood, although I can't exactly place my finger on why. But I'll definitely make an attempt to go back - I think it's a place my family would love. And lately I've been appreciating more how your companions can make your dining experience more enjoyable. Seriously! Try going out to restaurant with a picky or close-minded eater. It can really sour your evening...

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fried beef sandwich said...

Chez Nous IS good... as I can attest to firsthand.

Love your blog, Ann(e).