Friday, July 22, 2005

why did i not buy more of these?????

My Mamie Nova yogurts (melon, fig, and pistachio) are long gone, and today I decided to crack open the La Fermiere. My family has been raving about the honey flavor they bought, but I bought plain so that I could satisfy my craving for something tangy but add something if I needed a sweet fix. I just ate one with strawberry jam and homemade biscuits. Wow. I have to keep reminding myself that these guys are $2.50 each and that's why I can't afford to buy enough to eat one every day. I guess the Total with honey is not looking as expensive now...
I am also in love with petits suisse. Such the perfect size for an after-dinner snack. So yummy and creamy. So cute. Food is more fun to eat when it's cute. Unless it's too cute and you don't want to ruin it. Nothing more sad than biting into cookie monster's head and not enjoying its cupcakey goodness because, well, it's cookie monster.


Sam said...

I just bought some St Benoit from the farmers market today.
The plain ones are $3.25 each
$1.25 of which is refunded when you return the container for recycling.

They are tasty, I plan to only eat half a one a day with fruit to keep the cost and the fat down - and best of is the are local, unlike La Fermiere. They are going to be my replacement for Total Greek from now on, to tie in with the Eaat Local Challenge for August.

Fatemeh Khatibloo-McClure said...

I have to limit myself to once every couple of months with the MIF sales, otherwise I am liable to go broke.

But as Sam reminded me, the Petits Suisses are freezable.

I have one thawing today, as a matter of fact!

orbitalpunk said...

please please share with us where you bought these. I found these in London and there great. but I cant find them in the states.

Thanks so much

starchmouse said...

I'm so glad the petits suisses can be frozen. The ones I bought had an expiration (?) date of 7/27 and I didn't think I could eat 12 in 2 weeks. I'll definitely have to try the St. Benoit. While I don't think I can fully try to eat locally, baby steps help, right? Hm.
Orbitalpunk, I bought the petits suisse and la fermiere at the made in france warehouse sale - Sam's blog has lots of helpful posts about it, and by following her advice I was able to find everything I needed quickly and avoid a horrendous line. I think the next one is Aug 19 and 20.