Wednesday, March 14, 2007

St. Francis Fountain

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My friend Liv and I have always wanted to find a place that was "ours" - you know, a go-to, could-eat-at-anytime place where you say "hey, I'll meet you at our place" and then we'd both show up 30 minutes later. Because we are both poor (well, at the time we were both poor, but Liv has since grown up and gotten herself a fancy-schmancy JOB) we perused the Chronicle Bargain Bites list. After reading the description of the "Nebulous Potato Thing" at St. Francis Fountain, how could we NOT make that our place?? But somehow we never made it there, and then Liv moved to Denver, so now we can't have a place. :(

Look at that picture. Don't you want to lick the screen? That's a pile of homefries topped with melted cheese, green onion, salsa, and sour cream. Mmmmmmm. And that's just a half order. Liv was in town so we headed over to St. Francis Fountain, which incidentally, is in the cutest neighborhood ever. We sat at the counter and ordered like we would never eat again. Everything looked so good we couldn't just get the Nebulous Potato Thing and leave it at that. I ordered an avocado, bacon and cheddar scramble with biscuits, and they kindly substituted fruit salad for the home fries. Liv got "The Mess" which is eggs scrambled with homefries and topped with sour cream and salsa. We tried pretty hard, but barely made a dent in the potatoes. I did some pretty good work polishing off my breakfast, but Liv has a stomach the size of a pea. To her credit, she did some pretty good work too, I was much impressed. :)

This will definitely be our "place" - it was pretty much clinched by the fact that one of the dinner options is a bowl of mac and cheese, soup, and a small salad. That's my idea of the perfect casual dinner. Other points in its favor:
1) As far as bread options for breakfast goes, you can get toast, biscuits, english muffins, cornbread, or banana bread. Where else can you find choice like that?
2) The lighting is awesome for taking pictures of your food.
3) There's a tamale restaurant nearby. Mmmm, tamales.

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