Sunday, March 16, 2008

peep peep!

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So it has been awhile. Not much to say about that, except that school has really been giving me a few more white hairs, and since I have black hair and I'm not even frickin' thirty that sucks. Hopefully that should be over soon - I'm typing this post on my shiny new MacBook, which means I am ready to start *the thesis* but knowing my god-awful work situation, who knows? I could be here for another three years.

At the beginning of March, my family went on a trip to Munich (one day, and it was a Sunday), Florence, and Rome. I am now completely ruined as far as espresso and pasta. Why can't restaurants here make it truly al dente? And in a weak moment yesterday trying to overcome jet lag I ordered an americano from Peet's. Shame on me. I thought maybe at least Peet's would get it right (Starbucks is abysmal) and even with two shots of espresso they added way too much water so it was a watery bland mess.

In Europe everything right now is all about Easter, hence these elaborate chocolate eggs in the window of Panella, in Rome. We went inside to pick up a few snacks - thanks to the awesome exchange rate we spent a gazillion dollars on four tiny things, one of them a little tart that was six euros - or ten dollars. Ouch.

I should have more pictures and posts up soon once flickr decides to upload my pictures at a rate faster than one picture per hour - only 114 more to go!

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